Static electricity ionizer, model STERION

For use in hand held mode or placed in holder
Samples or containers that easily become electro-statically charged can cause instability in balance measurement values due to static electricity.
The STERION ionizer uses an AC corona discharge to generate ions with good ion balance; these ions are emitted from the emission port to quickly reduce the static charge on samples and containers. The electrodes, which are subject to high voltages, are located safely inside the unit, out of the operator’s reach.
The STERION is especially useful for improving measurement stability when measuring extra-small samples (particularly for measurements using an analytical balance) or samples that easily become electro-statically charged.
Removes static charge
Air Flow Can be Switched on/off

Due to static electricity:
...measurement values can fluctuate or
   gradually change,

...repeatability of measurement values is poor,

...display values are stable but inaccurate.

The STERION ionizer is very effective for symptoms such as these!

How static electricity is removed?

If the ionizer supplies a poor balance between positive and negative ions, it could prevent achieving a neutral charge or cause a reverse charge.

Good ion balance using AC ionization

AC current is applied to an emitter probe to emit both positive and negative ions in equal numbers from a single electrode.

Positive and negative direct currents are applied to two electrodes to emit positive and negative ions, respectively, from each electrode. If electrodes are separated, it limits the charge removal range. Also, once the emitter probes begin deteriorating, ion balance worsens.
Examples of using the STERION
Quickly removing static charge from containers and solid samples:
Switch the fan ON
Removing charge for powder samples:
Switch the fan ON or OFF,
depending on sample, such as based on how easily it scatters.
Removing static charge
in hand held mode.