Hailing Weight Containers / SOLAS Regulations

The shipper or forwarder is responsible to additionally check shipping containers since July 1, 2016 and must notify the appropriate weight to the shipowner. That must done before boarding the goods. This is called verification duty.
He can weigh each individual container or determine the mass by calculating. The weighting for the verification obligation should be done with weighing equipment that meets national and EU regulations and SOLAS regulations.

The shipper or forwarder must enclose the appropriate weights on a signed document to the ship. The captain of the ship is not allowed to take the cargo without this document.

The goal is to load ships better from compulsory indication of correct weights. A good loading reduces the forces on the sea container and the vessel. That should limit damage to the ship and a loss of containers during the sailing. This is also safer for the crew of the ship.

(Source: translated from the website of Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment)

See also: www.worldshipping.org/… (pdf).

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