Checkweigher VPI-U-Advanced-DP


Versatile stainless steel harvest scale with instructions in the display for the controlled weighing of tomatoes, grapes, etc. and to be packed by determining the weight or number. Equipped with a double platform: a small weighing platform and a fixed small work platform.

On this work platform, e.g. the lid can be pressed on a tray, as a result of which the weighing platform is spared from too much overload (the force exerted on the lid when pressing it up can be too much using a weighing capacity up to 6 kg if it is done on the weighing platform).

Equipped with weighing indicator VPI-U-Advanced with extensive functions, easy to clean and suitable for use in humid environments. Weighing capacities from 3 to 6 kg.

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Checkweigher VPI-U-Advanced-DP

  • indicator in stainless steel splash-proof housing, class IP64, easy to clean and suitable for use in humid environments
  • waterproof keyboard with 25 function keys
  • graphic, illuminated display with a wide range of clearly readable data such as weight, status of the automation, etc.
  • equipped with a row of 3-way LED indicator lights orange / green / red for checkweighing (too little / OK / too much) and setpoint
  • real-time clock (date / time), internal alibi memory for CE certified communication with PC and printer, permanent data memory, even in the event of a power outage
  • automatic data entry in spreadsheet, database or word processor such as e.g. Excel, Access, Word
    language selection operating menu directly in the set-up
  • weighed or preset tare (direct or calculated): free automatic tare database with 300 tare values
    databases for articles, customers and tare, with alphanumeric descriptions
  • average piece weight, tare, customer, and 3 set points for number of pieces
  • input of reference number, known average piece weight, manual or automatic totalization of weight and number
  • extensive automatic or manual totalization functions
  • connectable to printers and labeling machines
  • available functions with optional SW weighing software for Windows PC:
    • easily export data to for example Excel (* .CSV files)
    • extensive reporting options
    • management of user rights
  • stainless steel frame
  • small stainless steel weighing platform with in addition integrated a small stainless steel work platform; choice of weighing platform left or right (for left-handers)
  • equipped with 4 sturdy adjustable feet
  • weighing capacities from 3 kg to 6 kg
  • platform dimensions 150 x 150 mm (weighing platform) and 150 x 150 mm (work platform)
  • power supply 12 Vdc with external power adapter 230V
  • CE-verified (application for legal trade purposes)

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