Counting Scale HPU-T

telweegschaal HPU-T
telweegschaal HPU-T

Counting Scale for counting quantities. Equipped with versatile weighing indicator HP Ultra with high performance.

Especially for advanced applications with numerous functions and data and print management. Internal counting resolution up to 1.500.000 points. CE verified.

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  1. Type: HPU-T Weighing capacity: 0-3 kg tot 0-60 kg Version: Verified Platform dimensions: 300 x 300 mm tot 500 x 500 mm Price: On application

Counting Scale HPU-T

Main features:

  • zero-setting; Gross/Net; piece counting in load- and unload mode
  • insert of reference number, known average piece weight, manual or automatic totalization of weight and number
  • horizontal totalization (lot total), vertical totalization (recipe total), subtraction; automatic tare
  • weighed or preset tare (direct or computed); free automatic tare database of 300 tares per scale (up to 4 scales); lock / unlock tare
  • off switchable keyboard functions
  • 15 configurable and printable ID-texts of 32 characters each, eg code, lot, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • database of 1000 articles with 3 alphanumeric descriptions of 2 lines each with 20 characters each; average piece weight, tare, customer, and 3 set points for quantity
  • database of 200 customers with alphanumeric description (5 lines of 30 characters each)
  • selection of article, customer, tare from the database through bar code (optional)
  • 4 levels of resettable totals printable independently: partial total, general total, grand total, total by article
  • calculator function: add, subtract or multiply two values of up to 7 digits (entered through the keyboard); printable result and applicable it to a tare
  • programmable printout from keyboard; 30 print formats linkable to various functions (print key, totalization, article total, partial total, general total; each print format can contain 2048 positions which may be ASCII codes or preconfigured print block (eg company name, number of pieces, lot and weigh reference number, gross / net weight, added total, article description, date / time, etc.
  • included set of default printouts
  • printing of the last 1000 weighings, printing of article database with weight / piece totals

    General properties of indicator HP-Ultra:

  • graphic backlit LCD display, 25mm height
  • HP-Ultra: ABS plastic housing, protection class IP65, dim. 278 x 186 x 125 mm
    (optional: HPR-Ultra: stainless steel housing, protection class IP68, size 264 x 174 x 115 mm.)
  • 16 clear LEDs indicate which function is active
  • equipped with real time clock and alibi memory
  • permanent memory for data (available databases differ per software version)
  • Easy Excel data entry: the indicator communicates directly with the active Windows application (such as Word, Excel)

Note: The scale is verified (application for legal trade); the legal test only applies to the indicated weight, so does not apply to the determination of numbers.

Options i.a. :


Schedule counting quantities



Schematic example of a network

Schematic example of a network with several weighing platforms coupled to the weighing indicator HP-Ultra, wherein the weighing data to a laptop or PC can be communicated.

Tailored industrial counting weighing systems 

For any industrial application where fast and accurate counting of goods and products is essential we have the proper and affordable solution! Delivery completely in stainless steel is also possible. Request more information and / or offer!



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