Dynamic Axle Weighing System DWA (up to 20 ton per axle)


Dynamic Axle weighing system DWA for static or dynamic weighing of trucks, agricultural vehicles, etc. Large weighing platform 300 x 73 cm for recessed installation in the floor. Includes separate indicator with easy to read display.

Suitable for weighing all kinds of vehicles.

By weighing axle weight and total weight trucks can be loaded correctly, whereby fines by the ILT (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport / Environment and Transport Inspectorate) for exceeded axle load or overcharging can be prevented.

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  1. Type: DWA Weighing capacity: 20000 kg Division: 10 kg Version: Not for legal trade Platform dimensions: 3000 x 800 mm (excl. putframe) Price: On application

Dynamic Axle Weighing System DWA

Axle weigher for static or dynamic in motion weighing of trucks, tractors, etc.

The truck is driven on or across the weighing platform, after which the wheel axle is weighed. When all the axles have been weighed the overall weight of the truck or combination is computed. The attached versatile high performing weigh indicator makes the systeem highly appropriate for advanced applications like weighing / checking of in- and outgoing goods and products, with data- and printing control and stating of the vehicle’s registration plate.
When 2 weighings are made (f.i. unloaded and loaded), tare weight, nett weight and gross weight are determined automatically.

Two versions: static weighing or dynamic in motion weighing
Static weighing
First the vehicle is driven with the front axle on the weighing platform and holds; the axle is weighed. Successively the next axle is driven onto the platform and weighes, etc. After this the vehicle’s overall weight is automatically computed.
Dynamic in motion weighing
The vehicle can be driven non-stop across the weighing platform at a 5 km/h non-stop speed, while each wheel axle is weighed automatically and the vehicle’s overall weight is computed automatically.

Weight indicator

  • waterprotected flat keypad, 25 keys
  • clearly readable LED-display, 15 mm character height
  • backlit 25 mm high graphical LCD display
  • ABS plastic housing, protection class IP65
  • dimensions 278×186 x125 mm
  • 16 bright LEDs, indicating which function is active
  • easy Excel data entry: the indicator is able to communicate directly with an active Windows application (like Word, Excel)
  • power: internal rechargeable battery and internal charger 230V
  • optionally extendable by IR remote control

Main properties and functions

  • capacity 20 ton, division 10 kg
  • nett dimensions weighing platform 3000 x 730 mm
  • equipped with 6 stainless steel load cells, protection class IP68
  • zeroing; gross/nett; automatic tare or preset tare; locked or unlocked tare
  • data storage of in- / outgoing charges via ID-code or registration number (up to 999 weighings)
  • master/slave configuration for system control with 2 indicators
  • 15 configurable and printable ID-texts, containing 32 characters, i.e.: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.
  • database of 500 customers/suppliers with two alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters each, linked tare, input total, output total, net total, weighs total
  • database of 500 articles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters each, input total, output total, net total, weighs total
  • database of 500 vehicles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, registration plate (10 characters), linked tare, input total, output total, net total, weighs total
  • 6 levels of resettable totals which may printed in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, customer total, article total, vehicle total
  • printing of complete database reports or just the handled articles
  • programmable printing from keyboard with each axle’s weight and axle total weight per vehicle, in- and outgoing weight.

Suitable for weighing all kinds of vehicles.

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Optionally available: additional weight indicator / repeater with large LED-display (GRM-XL), as main indicator or as 2nd indicator.

GRM-XR Vizier Weegindicator 212x159



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