e-Weighing System EW-05


Capacity 6 kg.

For randomly weighing samples of prepackaged foods. It meets the requirements for e- weighing as defined in the Commodities Act and EU Directives.

CE-verified; NMi-certificate TC-8197.

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  1. Type: EW-05 Version: Verified Range: Dual range Price: On application

e-Weighing System EW-05

Application and performance:

  • for at random weighing of prepackaged foods
  • weighing system fulfills the requirements for e-weighing as defined in the Commodities Act and EU Directives
  • version: CE verified
  • NMi-certificate TC-8197

Weighing system consisting of:

1) Electronic indicator, model HP-Touch

  • indicator supplied with e-weighing firmware
  • simple entry of machine number or line number, batch number (lot number), article with linked target and tare weight and employee by means of number or barcode scanning (with optional barcode scanner)
  • the firmware automatically calculates the net weight of the weighed article and all the e-weighing data, such as the average weight of the total number of weighings, the standard deviation, target weight, highest and lowest weight, T1 and T2, number of weights above and below T1 and T2, number of correct weights
  • splash water protected ABS plastic housing IP65, dimensions 278 x 125 x 186 mm (w x d x h)
  • backlit graphic display with touch screen technology, dim. 120x90mm (lxh)
  • multilanguage software
  • 1-key waterproof keyboard
  • selectable QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard integrated in the touch screen
  • equipped with real-time clock (for printing date / time)
  • power: 110-240 Vac
  • equipped with RS-232 interface for connection to thermal printer TP-K (item 4)

2) Electronic weigh platform, model WP30-3/6kg

  • capacity 3/6 kg, division 1/2 g (dual range) – for weighing of articles of minimal 125 g and more
  • dim. weigh platform 300 x 300 x 125 mm (Lx W x H)
  • substructure weighing platform from coated steel
  • stainless steel weighing platform
  • option: equipped with pole for HP-Touch indicator (item 1)

3) Option: Thermal ticket printer, model TP-k

  • plastic housing, dim. 180 x 130 x 64 mm
  • paper width 58 mm
  • printer, mounted at a side of the indicator

4) Option: e-Weighing software for Windows PC

  • managing articles, users, lines
  • saving and viewing the sample results such as average weight, coefficient of variation, standard deviation, sample T1 & T2, etc.
  • creating specific reports and saving templates

Note: it is not possible to print under the legal minimum weighing weight of the scale (minimum weight of the WP30-3/6 kg is 20 g)



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