ATEX Explosion Protected Weight Indicator INDATEX 3GD

ATEX explosieveilige weegindicator INDATEX
ATEX explosieveilige weegindicator INDATEX

Versatile weight indicator, ATEX version, Zone 2 & 22.

CE verifiable. Clearly readable LCD-display in stainless steel housing IP68. Suitable for use in hazardous areas, protection in accordance with ATEX II 3G, EEx nR IIC T6 (for gas) and Ex II 3D Ex tD A22 IP68 T130°C (for dust) – zone 2 & 22.

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  1. Type: INDATEX3GD-V Version: IJkwaardig Special features: ATEX protection Artikelcode: 230501
  2. Type: INDATEX3GD-A Version: IJkwaardig Special features: ATEX protection Artikelcode: 230502

Explosion protected weight indicator INDATEX 3GD (ATEX)

  • suitable for use in explosion hazardous environments, protection according to ATEX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T130 ° C Dc IP68 X for dust (zone 22) and ATEX II 3G Ex nR IIC T6 Gc X for gas (zone 2)
  • CE verifiable (application for legal trade)
  • flat, water protected keypad, 17 keys
  • satined stainless steel housing IP68, dim. 264 x 174 x 115 mm
  • backlit LCD-display, character height 25 mm
  • functions: tare function, preset tares, keypad locking; accumulative weighing, checkweighing, piece counting, recipe weighing, percentage determination, in/out truck weighing; hold function; nett / gross indication; high resolution weighing (10x more accurate)
  • database for 30 tare values
  • possibility of entering 2 numeric IDs
  • equipped with 2x RS232 / C interfaces for printer, labeller, PC, PLC or external display in safe zone
  • display resolution up to 10000e or multi-channel 3 x 3000e (0.3 μV / d in CE-verified application)
  • max. 1,000,000 visible parts in display for internal use and with an internal resolution of 3,000,000 parts
  • number of connectable load cells: 8 (350 Ω)
  • Power supply:
    INDATEX3GD-V: through 230Vac internal power adapter (adapter must be connected in an ATEX environment by ATEX authorized installer)
    INDATEX3GD-A: through optional external battery in stainless steel housing IP65, disconnecting, recharge and reconnecting in safe area. Battery charger included.


  • wall bracket, stainless steel – for mounting the indicator on the wall
  • stainless steel bracket for pole – for mounting ATEX battery
  • painted steel pole – for mounting the indicator
  • stainless steel pole – for mounting the indicator
  • built-in alibi memory for 2GD indicator
  • built-in ATEX RS-485 interface
  • ethernet interface
  • RS485 active barrier – for connection to external devices in safe zone

More options, to be used only in safe zone: