Floor Scale MV

vloerweegschaal MV
vloerweegschaal MV

Large and heavy duty weighing platform for weighing heavy objects. Dimensions, specifications and type of weighing indicator as desired.

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Floor Scale MV

  • versions: not for legal trade or CE verified (application for legal trade)
  • for any application; extra ridgid construction, painted
  • custome made capacity on application
  • custome made dimensions; practically unlimited possibilities
  • equipped with watertight load cells, protection class IP67
  • reading of weighing results and operation can be provided by any weight
  • indicator from our delivery programm; see our page weight indicators
  • overload protection
  • power 230V (through indicator)

Options i.a.:

  • dual range division
  • infrared remote control
  • real-time clock module (date/time)
  • external thermal ticketprinter/labelprinter
  • wireless connection indicator (RS-232) to USB of PC / printer
  • alibi memory incl. date/time for max. 120.000 weighings
  • pole for indicator
  • ethernet-interface
  • USB interface (instead of standard RS-232 interface)
  • easy weigh software for Windows
  • connection cable from RS-232 to PC/printer (approx. 1.5m)
  • WiFi-interface through acces point (WiFi IEEE 802.11b)
  • BlueTooth interface (2.0 +EDR)
  • different indicator
  • connection cable from USB to USB of PC (approx. 1.5m, art. AC143 needed))
  • USB HID interface cable (approx. 1.5m)
  • radio-interface for the purpose of wireless connection to PC/printer and indicator, max. distance 70 m indoors/ 150 m outdoors
  • ethernet-interface
  • expansion module with indicator-LEDs for checkweighing (under/over/ok)

vloerweegschaal MV groot plateau met anker
Example of a heavy duty platform floor scale with a 30 ton’s capacity for the weighing of ships anchors.
The overall dimensions of this weighing platform, consisting of 2 modules, are 8 x 5 meter.



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