Forklift Weighing Kit HTS


Forklift weighing kit HTS with fixing guide according to FEM2 standards, for transforming a normal lift truck into a mobile electronic scale. The existing forks to be mounted at the weighing module.

Capacities up to 2500 kg, CE-verified; dual range division.

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  1. Type: HTS15M Weighing capacity: 600 / 1500 kg Division: 1 kg / 2 kg Version: Verified Range: Dual range Item code: 150201 Price: On application
  2. Type: HTS25M Weighing capacity: 1500 / 2500 kg Division: 2 kg / 5 kg Version: Verified Range: Dual range Item code: 150202 Price: On application
  3. Type: Real time clock (optie) Price: On application
  4. Type: Alibigeheugen (optie) Price: On application

Forklift weighing kit HTS

  • capacities: 600 / 1500 kg and 1500 / 2500 kg
  • dual range indication, M CE verified (for legal trade)
  • weighing kit for lift trucks with FEM2 plate, constructed out of extra thick steel plate, 2 shear-beam load cells IP68
  • existing forks to be mounted at the weighing module
  • dimensions 910 x 407 x 110 mm; module’s weight 184 kg
  • included LCD indicator, 6 digits, 25 mm height
  • indicator in ABS plastic housing IP65, vertically adjustable
  • hermetically sealed junction box fitted with cable extendible up to 5 m.
  • overload protection over 300% of the capacity
  • accuracy: +/- 0,05 % of the nominal capacity
  • max. horizontal inclination +/- 2° with the same accuracy
  • max. side-shift: 55 mm
  • power through rechargeable battery / adaptor/charger 230 V
  • operating time about 40 h with fully charged battery; charging time 8 h
  • included 230 V battery charger
  • 2 Bi-directional RS232/C ports for connection to printer, PC etc.
  • functions: nett/gross indication, totalisation of the weighings, preset tare, function peak level, hold function (weight remains in display while load is removed); high resolution weighing (10x more accurate reading), piece counting, percentage weighing, check weighing

Options i.a.:

  • external thermal ticketprinter/labelprinter
  • real time clock module (date/time)
  • alibi memory incl. date/time for max. 120.000 weighings
  • memory card that stores print jobs; this information can be read in a PC later
  • Radio Frequency Module for the purpose of wireless connection to PC/printer and indicator, max. distance 70 m indoors/ 150 m outdoors