Hanging Scale HWX


Hanging Scale HWX is a check weigher that can be applied for many purposes.

The stainless construction makes the HWX suitable for use in humid areas. Weighing capacity 15 kg; application not for legal trade.
Including stainless steel productpan with bracket.

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  1. Type: HWX Weighing capacity: 15 kg Division: 5 g Version: Not for legal trade

Hanging Scale HWX

  • application not for legal trade
  • capacity 15 kg / 5 g (other capacities on application)
  • stainless steel housing, protection class IP65
  • stainless steel pan and bracket
  • simple, waterprotected 5-key keypad (zero, tare (manual, automatic or presettable), print, on/off and a function key to which a desired function can be easily linked)
  • clearly readable backlit LCD, 25 mm height
  • power: 230V
  • functions: tare, automatic tare, high resolution weighing (10x more accurate), nett/gross indication, cumulative weighing, formula weighing, checkweighing, percentageweighing, piece counting, in/out weighing, hold- and peakfunction
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting PC, PLC etc.
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting (label)printer
  • included IR-input for optional remote control

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