Horse Scale MPW1


Horse scale MPW1, weighing capacity up to and inclusive 1500 kg. Separate weight indicator with backlit display. Top plate provided with ridget rubber antiskid mat, sound-absorbing.

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  1. Type: MPW1-1 Description: weighing platform from a single unit Weighing capacity: 1500 kg Division: 0.5 kg Version: Not for legal trade Platform dimensions: 2035 x 1000 mm Price: On application
  2. Type: MPW1-2 Description: weighing platform modular from 2 parts Weighing capacity: 1500 kg Division: 0.5 kg Version: Not for legal trade Platform dimensions: 2000 x 1000 mm Price: On application

Horse Scale MPW1

Ideal weighing scale for the accurate weighing of your horse. Platform both in a mobile version and a one piece version.

Properties weighing platform:

  • Available in 2 different versions:
    • One piece version MPW1-1; weighing platform consisting of one single piece with dimensions 2035 x 1000 mm.
    • Mobile version MPW1-2; weighing platform consisting of 2 single parts whereby the horse scale can easily be transported. Overall dimensions weighing platform 2000 x 1000 mm (dimensions 1000 x 1000 mm each part).
  • Measurement table (see measurement sketches)
    Dim. / Type MPW1-1 MPW1-2
    B  1000 mm  1000 mm
    L  2035 mm  –
    L1  –  1000 mm
    L2  1000 mm
    H1  60 mm  60 mm
    H2  95 mm  95 mm

    Measurement sketch MWP1
    Measurement sketch MPW1-2

  • capacity up to 1500 kg, division 0.5 kg
  • aluminium weighing platform, light construction
  • platform top equipped with ridget rubber antiskid mat, sound-absorbing
  • equipped with handles under the weighing platform enabling easy displacement
  • parts can easily be hooked together (MPW1-2)
  • low platform height of 60 mm so that the horse can easily get on and off the weighing platform
  • equipped with 4 (MPW1-1) or 6 (MPW1-2) stainless steel load cells, protection class IP68
  • standard version with separate weight indicator in ABS plastic housing and backlit LCD-display, model ISC-XS

Properties weight indicator ISC-XS:

  • connected to the weighing platform through approx. 5 m cable (with MPW1-2 the indicator is connected to the weighing platform parts through two cables of approx. 5 m each)
  • clearly readable, auto backlit LCD-display, 25 mm character height
  • ABS plastic housing, protection class IP54
  • included tiltable mounting bracket (usable as table stand or for wall mounting)
  • simple, water protected keypad with 5 function keys: zero, tare (manual, preset or automatic), print, on/off and a free programmable function key
  • power: 12 V adaptor (included) or 4 AA batteries (excluded), removable battery housing for simple replacement of batteries
  • functions: tare, automatic tare, hold- and peak function
  • dimensions, incl. mounting bracket: 215,8 x 71 x 129 mm
  • supplied with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting PC, PLC etc. and supplied with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting printer
  • including IR-input for optional remote control


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