Mobile Chair Scale ASMD-CS


Mobile chairscale ASMD-CS is a professional, ergonomic chair scale, equipped with four wheels, independent swivel armrests and swivel footrest.

Capacity 300 kg, division per 100 g. Separately folding armrests.

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  1. Type: ASMD-CS Weighing capacity: 300 kg Division: 100 g Version: Verified Platform dimensions: zitoppervlak 430 x 420 mm Item code: 170501 Price: On application

Mobile chairscale ASMD-CS

  • capacity 300 kg, division 100 g
  • version CE verified
  • indicator mounted at back of the chair
  • indicator supplied with clearly readable LCD-display, height 19 mm
  • tare-, zero-, hold- and BMI function
  • operator’s menu easily following bt means of scroll up/down
  • movements of the person are automatically compensated
  • sitting area 430x420x80 mm
  • equipped with 4 castors of which the rear two wheels are equipped with a brake so that the patient can safely sit and get up from the chair
  • the armrests can be folded independently
  • the footrest can be folded for easy access to the weighing chair
  • automatic switch off function
  • equipped with RS-232 interface and USB
  • power: rechargeable battery (incl. adapter)
  • certified in accordance with Annex V of Directive 93/42 / EEC