Moisture analyzer VPB-10


Moisture analyzer with halogen heating, with an excellent price / quality ratio. Choice of 4 programs, memory settings and 100 weighing results.

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  1. Type: VPB-10 Weighing capacity: 60 g Division: 0.001 g Version: Not for legal trade Platform dimensions: 95 mm Ø Moisture reading: 0.01% Item code: 070101 Price: On application
  2. Option: Aluminium sample pans Quantity: pack 50 pcs Price: On application

Moisture analyzer VPB-10

  • moisture analyzer with halogen heating
  • moisture reading 0.01/0.1% (selectable) / 0.001g
  • repeatability 0.15% (2g sample) / 0.05% (5g sample) / 0.02% (10g sample)
  • drying temperature from 50 °C up to 200 °C in 1 °C steps
  • weighing programs: standard, quick, slow, stepwise
  • time setting drying process 1-120min. or continuously (max. 12 h)
  • weighing starts automatically after closing heat cover
  • time controlled and automatic ending of measurement (when moisture loss over the previous 30 seconds becomes smaller than specified percentage)
  • data memory for 10 weighing settings, easily retrievable
  • memory for 100 measuring results
  • clearly readable, backlit LCD-display
  • equipped with Ultrablock weighing sensor, enabling a very quick response, high stability and reliability!
  • weighing pan dim. 95 mm Ø
  • equipped with RS-232C interface, data IO (for connection to printer) and USB port
  • an optional cable enables communication with a PC, weigh data can be transmitted to Excel or another Windows-10 application
  • power: solid 230V mains cord (included), power consumption of heater 400W
  • tare function
  • compact design, dim. 202 x 336 x 157mm (w x d x h), see measurement sketch)
  • ABS plastic housing
  • heating chamber can be easily cleaned
  • supplied with 3 sample pans for reuse, pincers (for removing sample dish) and dust cover for keypad

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