Pallet Weigher SPW

palletweger SPW
palletweger SPW

Pallet weigher  SPW in painted version, easy to move by means of two wheels and handle. Equipped with separate weighing indicator IND II with large LCD display with backlight.

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  1. Type: SPW-600 Weighing capacity: 600 kg Division: 0.2 kg Version: Not for legal trade
  2. Type: SPW-1000 Weighing capacity: 1000 kg Division: 0.5 kg Version: Not for legal trade
  3. Type: SPW-2000 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 0.5 kg Version: Not for legal trade
  4. Type: SPW-3000 Weighing capacity: 3000 kg Division: 1 kg Version: Not for legal trade

Pallet weigher  SPW

  • pallet scale with a weighing capacity of 0-600 kg, 0-1000 kg, 0-2000 or 0-3000 kg
  • division respectively 0.2 kg – 0.5 kg – 0.5 kg – 1 kg
  • version: not for legal trade
  • dimensions L x W x H: 1200 x 760 x 100 mm
  • easy to move; equipped with 2 transport wheels and handle
  • version painted
  • equipped with indicator IND-II in plastic housing, large LCD display with backlight, 31 mm character height
  • features: net / gross, peak-hold, count (up to 20 weighings), simple counting, check weighing, tare, manual tare, auto-zero
  • built-in battery; internal battery charger, power 230V supply
  • overload protection

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