Pallet Weighing Dock PWD-G


Pallet Weighing Dock PWD-G is a special pallet scale on which pallets can be easily placed and weighed with the aid of a hand pallet truck or forklift truck. Version: galvanised steel, very solid construction.

Suitable for use in wet areas, chemical industry, etc.

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Pallet Weighing Dock PWD-G

  • version: CE-approved or application not for legal trade
  • available in several capacities
  • solid construction of galvanized steel
  • easy to move with a forklift or pallet truck by the existing transverse beams (see image nr. 1)
  • suitable for use in wet areas, chemical industry, etc.
  • equipped with 4 sturdy adjustable feet for leveling adjustment
  • overall dimensions l x w x h: 1580 x 1760 mm
  • equipped with a platform very close above the floor, on the inside left and right, on which the pallet can be placed
  • suitable for weighing of i.a. block pallets and euro pallets
  • item code:131201

Weight indicator

  • standard equipped with weight indicator ISCI-R, mounted on built on stand
  • water protected, 17 keys flat keyboard
  • clearly readable, backlit LCD display, 25 mm height
  • stainless steel housing, protection class IP68
  • functions i.a. tare, automatic or manual tare, high resolution weighing (10x more accurate indication); nett/gross indication; cumulative weighing, recipe weighing, percentage determination, piece counting, in-/out trucks, hold function, peak value
  • database for 10 tares; 2 numerical ID’s; keypad lock; repeat latest print
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C / RS485 interface for connection to (label)printer
  • power: internal rechargeable battery and battery charger

Options i.a.: