Weighing Hand Pallet Truck PTBR


Weighing hand pallet truck PTBR with wide fork (total width 680 mm). Ideal for weighing fruit crates and large pallets!

Steering wheels and double loading rollers polyurethane coated. Version: CE-verified; construction of extra thick steel.

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  1. Type: PTBR-2000 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 1 kg Version: Not for legal trade
  2. Type: PTBRM-2000 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 1 kg Version: Verified Inclusief: ijkkosten

Weighing hand pallet truck PTBR

  • version “not for legal trade” or M CE-approved
  • maximum lifting and weighing capacity: 2000 kg, division 1 kg
  • fork dimensions: 1240 x 680 x 85 mm (l x w x h at lowest fork position)
  • weight approx. 134 kg
  • constructed from extra thick steel, stove enamelled
  • steering wheels and double loading rollers polyurethane coated
  • 4 aluminium shear-beam load cells, protection class IP67
  • equipped with stainless steel weight indicator, protection class IP68
  • clearly readable LCD display, 25 mm height
  • water protected keypad with 17 function keys
  • high resolution weighing with 10 x more accurate displaying, net/gross indication, totalisation, receipt weighing, checkweighing (adjustable under- and upper limits), percentage weighin , piece counting, hold- and peak function, taring and zeroing
  • power: easy removable, rechargeable battery (mounted in the column of the pallet truck) and 230V charger
  • operation about 70 h at in continuous operation or approx. 1 minth with occasional use, charging tieme approx. 8 hours
  • battery level indication
  • automatic switch off (settable)
  • equipped with IR-input for optional remote control

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