Weight Indicator ISCK / ISCK-RF


Weight indicator ISCK / ISCK-RF is a versatile weighing indicator in plastic housing, in a plastic carrying case.

Fitted with 4 connectors for connection to 1 – 4 scales. Clearly readable, backlit LCD display and attached thermal printer.

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  1. Type: ISCK Item code: 180901 Price: On application
  2. Type: ISCK-RF Included: 868mHz radio frequency module Item code: 180902 Price: On application

Weight indicator ISCK / ISCK-RF

  • versatile weighing indicator in carrying case
  • verifiable (application for legal trade)
  • waterprotected, flat keyboard, 17 keys
  • clearly readable, backlit LCD-display, 25 mm height
  • mounted in ABS plastic carrying case, included built-in printer
  • dim. unit 440 x 270 mm (w x d) / carrying case 460 x 325 x 170 mm
  • 4-chanel 24-bit A/D-converter
  • display resolution up to 10000e or multirange 3 x 3000e (0,3 µV/d in verified application)
  • max. 800.000 visible divisions in the display for internal use and with an internal resolution of 3,000,000 points
  • functions i.a. tare, automatic or manual tare, high resolution weighing (10x more accurate indication); nett/gross indication; cumulative weighing, recipe weighing, percentage determination, piece counting, in-/out trucks, hold function, peak value
  • ticketprinter: 58 mm paper width; print: 4 lines head text, weight per weighing platform, total vehicle weight (with axle weighing); grand total of weighed vehicles; coordinates of center of gravity of vehicle, ticket number (succeeding), date/time, weighing number and barcode (code 39)
  • database for 10 tares; 2 numerical ID’s; keypad lock; repeat latest print
  • connectors for 4 weighing platforms (if connected to wheel axle scale); weight reading of each separate platform; total weight of set combination of platforms
  • incorporated rechargeable battery (at least 10 h operation time)
  • number of connectable load cells: 8 (350 Ω)
  • weight indication of each individual weighing platform, of the total weight or of a configured combination of the weighing platforms
  • 2x RS-232/C port;
  • power: internal rechargeable battery, approx. 10 h of operation (fully charged); charging time approx. 8 h; incl. 230 Vac/6
  • Vdc adaptor / charger

ISCK model : version as described above
ISCK-RF model : same as ISCK, included 868mHz radio module

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