Weight Transmitter / Weight Indicator AST-S


Weight indicator AST-S is a compact, multifunctional weight transmitter / weight indicator, for panel mounting on DIN rail.

Direct reading and diagnosis of the connected scale.

Due to the wide range of available interfaces weighing functions can be easily integrated into any automation system.

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  1. Type: AST-S
  2. Type: AST-S-AN + analog output

Weight transmitter / weight indicator AST-S

General properties

  • application CE verifiable
  • versatile transmitter for wall – or panel mounting on DIN guiding bar
  • ideal as digital 4-channel junction box for direct reading and diagnosis of any connected load cell
  • easily to be integrated into any automation system
  • easy to use 5-key waterproof keyboard
  • highly efficient red LED display with 6 8-mm digits and 6 LEDs for showing active functions
  • dim. 120 x 111 x 22,5 mm height
  • calibration, setup parameters, configurable from keypad or through optional PC software
  • up to 10.000e or multirange 2 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d for M CE verified legal for trade use
  • up to 100.000 displayable divisions with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points
  • A/D 24-bit sigma-delta conversion, up to 3200 conv./sec. autoselect
  • connectable with up to 16 analog load cells with 350 Ω input resistance
  • management of a digitally equalised 4-cell weighing system or management of 4 independent weighing systems
  • extensive functions like automatic- and presettable tare, total weight, recipe, net/gross, piece counting, hold, peak etc.


  • fast calibration
  • theoretical calibration
  • weighting filter configuration
  • zeroing, tare, manual tare
  • printing / data transmission
  • on / standby
  • cumulative weighing
  • gross / net conversion
  • piece counting
  • hold (value fixed in display)
  • peak weight;

Serial port functions

  • reading of the net, gross, and tare weights
  • microvolts or ADC converter for all channels
  • clearing
  • automatic and presettable tare
  • scale switch
  • printing
  • message display
  • setting of average piece weight in piece counting
  • setting of set points of the outputs
  • simulation of key pressure
  • reading/writing of alibi memory

Master/repeater option

  • specific program for using the indicator as a universal weight repeater or as a multi-scale repeater (MASTER) in combination with indicator ISC../GRM.. and crane scales KW../KS… Multi-scale repeater (MASTER)
  • up to 32 independent scales connectable, with power management function, or view and print the total weight of all scales together
  • UNIVERSAL weight repeater; function for displaying the weight display of any connected scales via configuration of the input string

Standard in-/outputs

  • RS232/C bidirectional port configurable for connection with external units
  • RS485 bidirectional port configurable for network connection / PC / PLC
  • 16-bit analog output 4-20 mA / 0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc (model AST-S-AN); maximum applicable load on output 350 Ω; minimum applicable resistance 10 KO (only type AST-S-AN)
  • 2 PHOTOMOSFET outputs 150 mA 48 Vac / 150 mA 60 Vdc (NO) configurable as direct control or after weight stability, with programmable upper / lower limit value
  • 2 configurable optoisolated inputs 12÷24 Vdc, 5 mA min – 20 mA max.



  • real-time clock module (date/time)
  • alibi memory incl. date/time for max. 120.000 weighings
  • ticketprinter for panel mounting
  • radio-interface for the purpose of wireless connection to PC/printer and indicator, max. distance 70 m indoors/ 150 m outdoors
  • easy weigh software for Windows
  • expansion module with indicator-LEDs for checkweighing (under/over/ok)
  • interfaces: DEVICENET, ETHERCAT, CANOPEN, ETHERNETIP1S, PROFINET, PROFIBUS (for further info: see under the tab “Extra information”

Optionally 6 interfaces are available for model AST-S, they allow the communication among 16 different digital weighing scales at the same time, reducing the costs and the complexity of the system.

  • DEVICENET interface
  • ETHERCAT interface
  • CANOPEN interface
  • ETHERNETIP1S interface: for conversion RS485 to Ethernet IP for DIN bar
  • PROFINET interface
  • PROFIBUS interface

Main features

  • slave port / master port
  • ABS case for panel mounting on DIN bar
  • Serial port RS485, with “quick connect” system
  • Power source: 12-24Vdc.

Interface For AST-S 212x159Interface For AST-S Qconnection 212x159Interface For AST-S Qconnection Detail 212x159Interface For AST-S Fieldbus Network 212x159



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