Wireless Repeater / Weight Indicator ISC-DB


Weight indicator ISC-DB is a wireless radiofrequency repeater for AllScales weight indicators and crane unsters.

Model ISC-DB enables wireless remote control while the weight can be read from the backlit display. Powered by batteries or mains adapter.

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  1. Type: ISC-DB Item code: 180601 Price: On application
  2. Type: ISC-DB-USB (met USB-interface) Memory locations: 500 weighings / weight totals Item code: 180602 Price: On application
  3. Type: IR afstandbediening Price: On application

Wireless Repeater / Weight Indicator ISC-DB

Wireless radio frequency repeater for ISCI / ISCI-R, ISCK, ISC-XS, ISC-V weight indicators, crane unsters fromseries KWA, KW-X, KW-KSK, KWH and wireless static axle weighing system WAWS-RF, WAWM-RF,WAWL-RF. Model ISC-DB enables wireless remote control while the weight can be clearly read from the backlit display.

  • clearly readable LCD display, 25 mm high characters
  • compact and rigid plastic housing, corrosion free
  • water protected keyboard with 5 function keys (zero setting, automatic tare, mode, printing and on/off)
  • digital settings possible through PC
  • integrated 868 MHz radio modem with 15 frequency chanels, simply programmable through PC
  • infrared receiver for operation by optional IR remote control
  • coupling with up to 32 independent indicators, operation by each indicator, all main functions available, such as zeroing, automatic tare, on / off, printing and reading weight of all linked indicators together
  • extra features model ISC-DB-USB: equipped with USB-interface; memory for 500 weighings when connected to 1 scale or 500 weigh totals when connected to several scales, which can easily be read later in the PC using optional software “AllScalesTools”
  • application not for legal trade
  • power: 230 Vac/6 Vdc adaptor  (incl.)/ 4x AA batteries (excl.)

Function modes:

  • Peer-to-Peer repeater / extra display, attached to 1 scale, all main functions available, like zero setting, automatic tare, mode on/off, printing and indicator on/off
  • Multi scale repeater / extra display, atachment to max. 4 independent indicators, operating per indicator; all main functions available, like zero setting, automatic tare, mode on/off, printing, and reading of the total weight of all attached indicators together


  • infrared remote control (operation up to 8 m. distance)
  • radio-interface for the purpose of wireless connection to PC/printer and indicator, max. distance 70 m indoors/ 150 m outdoors