Scales for Packaging / Distribution

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  1. WPI-T Bankweegschaal 300x400 212x159
    Bench Scale WPI-T (Triple Range) , Standard equipped with a versatile separate weighing indicator. Excellent price ...
  2. WPIR-T-bankweegschaal 300x400 separate indicator 212x159
    CE-verifiedStainless steel / rsutproofProtection class
    Bench Scale WPIR-T (Triple Range) , Frame and weighing platform in stainless steel and equipped with a versatile sep...
  3. WS-II-M Tafelweegschaal 212x159
    CE-verifiedPower: rechargeable battery and 230v adapter
    Table / Bench Scale WS-II-M , Table scale WS-II-M is a CE-verified and affordable scale with excellent price/...