Take back of discarded weighing equipment

According to the Dutch Law discarded electrical equipment must be collected separately and processed in an environment justified way. This obligation is a shared responsibility of manufacturer and customer.

From August 2005 on electrical equipment is labelled with the symbol as shown alongside (garbage can with a cross over it and a black bar below). In this way it is indicated that electrical equipment being discarded must be recycled separately. All scales ever sold since August 2005 by Henk Maas Weegschalen B.V. have been labelled indeed with this symbol.Symbool milieuverantwoord recyclen

In order to process the discarded devices in a justifying way Henk Maas Weegschalen B.V. has concluded a contract with an electronics specialised recycling company.

All discarded devices collected and received by us are recycled in an environment justified way with the above mentioned recycling company. The recycled materials are concequently applicated as raw material for the manufacturing of new products.
Concerning equipment, labelled by Henk Maas Weegschalen B.V., the following conditions are applicable (in accordance to section 14 of our General Terms and Conditions):

  1. At purchase of a new device, the old device shall be taken back by Henk Maas Weegschalen B.V. without cost;
  2. in case an existing device cannot be repaired, it shall be taken back by our mechanic without cost;
  3. in all other cases the counterparty shall be obliged to ship the device to be discarded free of freight to: Henk Maas Weegschalen BV,
    Tuinstraat 1, 4264 AW Veen.

The above mentioned is not applicable if you reuse the device. If any question or comment should occur you are invited to contact us.