AllScales EW-Weighing software for Windows


AllScales EW-Weighing software for Windows PC for application with
e_teken-weighing (real time); communication with PC, in combination with AllScales weighing equipment (for connection to multiple scales).

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AllScales EW-Weighing software for Windows PC

E-weighing PC software AS-EW

General features

  • managing articles, users, lines
  • saving and viewing the sample results such as average weight, coefficient of variation, standard deviation, sample T1 & T2, etc.
  • creating specific reports and saving templates
  • connection via TCP / IP with static or dynamic weighing systems
  • sample size adjustable per line or item
  • set rights per user
  • SQL database
  • automatic import of articles via .csv file

Minimum system requirements PC

  • i3 processor or equivalent – 4 GB Ram memory
  • 200 MB of free memory on the hard disk
  • Windows 10 Professional operating system (32/64 bit)
  • an RS-232 serial port, Ethernet or USB (for indicators with USB port)