Mobile sow scale HMV3

HMV3 Kleinveeweger 03648
HMV3 Kleinveeweger 03648

Mobile version, made of aluminum. Weighing capacity up to 400 kg, CE verified. Equipped with add-on weighing indicator ISC-V in stainless steel housing with backlit LCD display.

Optionally, a built-in RFID reader is available for automatic identification of the animal to be weighed.

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  1. Type: HMV3 Description: Mobile sow scale Weighing capacity: 400 Division: 0.5 kg Version: Verifiable Platform dimensions: 1900 x 650 mm Price: On application

Mobile sow scale HMV3

Easy to move sow scale, very lightweight due to the aluminum construction.

  • weighing capacity 400 kg, division per 0.5 kg
  • version: CE-verifiable
  • easily movable by 2 folding handles and 2 wheels on the short side
  • fencing, base frame and tear plate bottom made entirely of aluminum
  • outward opening door on both short sides, operable from one side
  • dimensions:
    • external dimensions excl. wheels 2000 x 758 mm (l x w)
    • internal dimensions 1900 x 650 mm (l x w)
    • height weighing cage 979 mm
    • height including indicator 1448 mm
  • weighing indicator in stainless steel housing with backlit LCD display, model ISC-V, class IP68, mounted on the frame
  • functions i.a.: animal weighing function for a stable reading; high resolution weighing (10 times more accurately), net / gross indication, cumulative weighing, checkweighing, hold and peak function
  • equipped with 1x RS232 / C / RS485 interface for connection PC, PLC etc.
  • equipped with 1x RS232 / C interface for connection (label) printer
  • including IR input for optional remote control
  • power supply: 230V, sturdy power cord (optional also available with built-in rechargeable battery)

Optionally available with RFID reader for reading low-frequency transponders (automatic identification of the animal to be weighed, HDX or FDX-B compatible – ISO11784 / 5).


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