USB-S Module

With this module, weighing data can be downloaded on a USB stick.

Simple and modern electronic device used for recording any data coming from the RS 232 serial port.

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USB-S Module

Operating mode characteristics, i.a.:

  • storage of weighing data on internal SD card (during registration a LED lamp flashes as a check)
  • reading out the SD card is possible using a supplied USB stick
  • data remains as a backup on the SD card
  • via the supplied Windows weigh software it is possible to transfer the weighing data to other file formats such as .TXT (text) or .CSV / .XLS(X) (Excel)

Technical data

  • USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0)
  • USB type A port
  • file format FAT32
  • interface: RS232 (only RX, TX, GND signals)
  • transmission speed: 1200 bps to 115200 bps
  • power: 9~24 VDC (max 1A)
  • memory capacity 4, 8, 16, 32 GB


Scale types: