Twin Weiging Forks HM-MSG

HM-MSG aan de heftruck
HM-MSG aan de heftruck

Set of 2 weighing forks for forklift trucks complete with weight indicator to read the weight directly from the cab.
Innovative Bluetooth technology with low consumption and operating time of up to 90 hours. Power supply via rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Model MSG offers the easiest and most versatile solution to turn your lift truck into a mobile scale.
Easy to install and remove, if required suitable for use on multiple forklift trucks.

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  1. Type: HM Twin Forks model MSG Description: Set of 2 Weighing Twin Forks and Weight Indicator, model MSG Weighing capacity: 2500 kg Division: 1 kg / 2 kg Version: Not for legal trade Price: On application

Set of HM Twin Weighing Forks, model MSG

  • maximum lifting capacity: 2500 kg
  • division:
    • for internal use: 1/2 kg
    • optional CE approved: 2/5 kg
  • accuracy:
    • for internal use: +/- 1 kg
  • painted steel construction
  • weight of each fork: approx. 68 kg
  • operation with 4 stainless steel load cells, IP68
  • max. permissible overload: 300% of the nominal capacity
  • max.horizontal inclination (tilt): + / 2 ° (only for certified / verified version)

Associated Weight Indicator

  • compact and easy to install in the cab
  • standard accelerometer for automatic starting of the forks while moving
  • in easy-to-clean ABS housing IP54, resistant to harsh and corrosive environments
  • equipped with backlit LCD screen of 25 mm height with 6 contrasting digits and icons to display the active functions
  • functional waterproof keyboard with 5 operating keys
  • visual and acoustic overload indication
  • digital calibration and set-up from keyboard or AS software for PC
  • including mounting bracket for mounting in the cabin
  • automatic switch-off (energy saving): 5 minutes adjustable or switchable
    power supply directly from the lift truck
  • optional printer complete with mounting bracket for in-cab mounting
  • powered via a rechargeable lithium battery with an operating time of approximately 90 hours or continuous use via an additional battery pack (optional)

Indicator functions

From keyboard:

  • zero-setting
  • semi-automatic tare
  • preset tare
  • quick manual tare entry
  • printing and / or data transfer
  • selectable function command

Operational functions of the indicator

  • can be selected directly by the user, via a dedicated key:
    • net Gross
    • lb / kg conversion
    • conversion factor (for meter counting, liter counting systems, etc.)
    • weight accumulation
    • recipe weighing
    • +/- checkweighing, with fast entry of target weights and tolerances
    • percentage weighing
    • piece counting

Options i.a.:

  • additional rechargeable battery
  • simple weighing software for Windows PC
  • printer complete with mounting bracket for in-cab mounting
  • CE-verified (calibrated) version (application for legal trade)
  • version for FEM2B board or FEM3A board