Aircraft Weighing System AW-2


Mobile Aircraft Weighing System AW-2 is available in all configurations possible. The number of platforms to be included iwithn the system is adapted to the number of wheels of the airplane.

Weighing capacity up to 8 ton per weighing platform.

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Aircraft Weighing System AW-2

  • capacity 0-8 tons each platform
  • low profile platforms, robust aluminium construction, light of weight
  • bottom side of the platform equipped with specially vulcanised nonslip rubber
  • equipped with incorporated LCD-display for reading the weight of each platform, in kg or lb
  • stainless steel load cells IP68
  • platform dim. 450 x 700 mm, equipped with tranport wheels, overall platform dim. 561 x 700 mm, height 58 mm
  • own weight: 26 kg each platform
  • power: internal, rechargeable battery (approx. 40 h of operation time if fully charged), incl. adapter


  • drive on / drive off ramps (at level height of platform)
  • attachement dummies (between 2 weighing platforms)

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